Living and Working

Do you imagine yourself living and happily working? Sarasota has given me that luxury.  Just take a short ride over the John Ringling bridge and you feel you are on vacation. You work all day and by the end of the day you feel you are on an island surrounded by shops and restaurants, the blue waters of the gulf of Mexico, and the sunny clear skies.

Come visit and experience what it is like to live and work in a place we call Paradise!


The Creativity of Downtown Sarasota

Driving around Sarasota and finding more bikes…they are getting better and better, the creativity is amazing.


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Living in Downtown Sarasota has so many benefits and advantages.  The creativity of Downtown Sarasota is on almost every corner.  Keep an eye out for all of the bikes you see around town.  Every time I’m around town, I try to get a shot of the decorative bikes.  I am noticing that they’re moved around from location to location.  Here is one I took this week.  Blocking traffic while I took this picture probably wasn’t ideal but the person behind me smiled in the end!

sea downtown sarasota bikes
Artsy Bike in Downtown Sarasota