Sarasota Condo’s For Sale

The Sarasota Condo’s skyline is constantly changing.  With new condo’s for sale, and townhome architecture, the city of Sarasota is abuzz with an abundance of choices for residential.  Mid range, multilevel, and lofts are just a few of the choices of Sarasota Condo’s for sale in and around Sarasota.  Sarasota has Burn’s Court, The Rosemary District, Golden Gate Point, to Payne Park planned walkable communities in the new condo planning stage.  and the main corridor of downtown Sarasota are just a few to choose from in this vibrant city.  All within walking distance to downtown and the amenities.

Library’s, Opera, Theaters, Excersize, Boating, and all recreational possibilities, are just minutes from any given point of living. It’s easy to see the growth potential that the area is transforming into since everything is steps away.  Price points range from the low $400k’s to well over the million dollar range.