When buying a house


What do we look for when buying a house? What is in our mind? What is our dream house? What’s the main purpose of buying a new house? Is it the location, the amenities, friends and family or price? Or, all of the above.

How do we choose a neighborhood? We snap out of our dreams and struggle when chasing our dream house, maybe the house we find and love is not in the community we want to live, maybe we can’t find exactly what we want in the community we can afford or prefer. Maybe the house we find with the perfect size master bedroom we have dreamed on is in a very noisy street, or the property with the perfect location we have been wanting to live in doesn’t allow pets?
Do we have a budget and know exactly where to go when looking for a new house? Do we do our homework when hiring a real estate agent or mortgage broker? Do we let anyone influence us? House hunting can be a very stressful situation and sometimes even when we think we are ready, we discover we are not. Do we trust the experts or should we trust the homeowners who have already gone threw it?

Buying our new house or home it’s not an every day experience, we are planning years in our lives, so we can’t take it too easy. We are hoping that who ever we take advice from either homeowners or real estate pros can give us the best help we need and use.


Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker and New Home Sales Specialist in Sarasota Florida. Just sharing all the beauty of what I call paradise and home.